Email:  amcintyre@campbell.edu
Phone:  (910) 893‑1936


Adam McIn­tyre is the Black­board Admin­is­tra­tor for Com­put­ing Ser­vices. He assists fac­ulty mem­bers with their issues in Black­board Learn as well as pro­vide instruc­tion on using the many dif­fer­ent tools within Black­board. He is extremely tech­nol­ogy savvy and is con­stantly look­ing for new tech­nol­ogy for class­rooms to make the instruc­tors life eas­ier. His office is always open, so fac­ulty can stop by at any time.


Adam for­merly worked for Black­board Inc. before com­ing to Camp­bell Uni­ver­sity. He was born in the Fin­ger Lakes region of New York and is always will­ing to talk about it.