Drop in hours: Tues­days: 9:30–11:30 Wednes­days: 2:30–4:30 Thurs­days: 2:30–4:30
Email:  crcox@campbell.edu
Phone:  (910) 893‑7210

Char­lotte Rus­sell Cox is the Instruc­tional Tech­nol­ogy Spe­cial­ist for Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices.  She assists fac­ulty mem­bers with inte­grat­ing tech­nol­ogy into their courses.  She deliv­ers train­ing to fac­ulty in a vari­ety of approaches such as:  Lunch and Learn ses­sions, Black­board 101, small group/individual ses­sions, webi­nars, and drop-in office hours.  Her research inter­est has a focus on adult learn­ing, online edu­ca­tion, pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment, instruc­tional design, MOOCs, and com­mu­ni­ties of prac­tice.

Char­lotte has expe­ri­ence as a Tech­nol­ogy Teacher and Instruc­tional Tech­nol­ogy Specialist/Webmaster in the Ala­mance Burling­ton School Sys­tem for ten years.  Addi­tion­ally, she was a grad­u­ate assis­tant for the Instruc­tional Tech­nol­ogy pro­gram at North Car­olina A&T State Uni­ver­sity for two years.  She holds a Bach­e­lor of Sci­ence degree in Education/Political Sci­ence from the Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina at Greens­boro, a Mas­ter of Sci­ence in Instruc­tional Tech­nol­ogy from North Car­olina A&T State Uni­ver­sity, and an E-Learn­ing grad­u­ate cer­tifi­cate from North Car­olina State Uni­ver­sity.  Cur­rently, Char­lotte is a doc­toral stu­dent in the Adult and Com­mu­nity Col­lege Edu­ca­tion pro­gram at North Car­olina State Uni­ver­sity.