Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices’ Sum­mer Webi­nar Series 2018

Pic 2018 Summer Webinar Series

Are you inter­ested in par­tic­i­pat­ing in the sec­ond annual “Sum­mer Webi­nar Series?”

Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices is offer­ing the sec­ond annual “Sum­mer Webi­nar Series” in a vir­tual envi­ron­ment.  Join us from any loca­tion with your lap­top or mobile device.  The series will be held in Black­board Col­lab­o­rate with engag­ing strate­gies to help stu­dents learn.  There are two top­ics for the series includ­ing Class­Flow and Black­board.  Car­rie Bar­ron (PowerUp EDU) and Carey Smouse (Black­board) will be the two co-pre­sen­ters in the “Sum­mer Webi­nar Series.” Reg­is­ter today for the series to stay con­nected and enrich your pro­fes­sional knowl­edge!

Topic:  Class­Flow “Online polling and resources”
Date:  July 10, 2018 (Sec­ond Tues­day in July)
Time:  2:00PM-3:00PM EST

Class­Flow is a free online repos­i­tory that houses inter­ac­tive lessons and polling.  Class­Flow is a web-based tool with five pri­mary fea­tures includ­ing:  “Instant white­board, start a quick poll, cre­ate les­son, cre­ate activ­ity, and cre­ate quiz or assess­ment.”

Topic:  Black­board “Sim­pli­fy­ing life with Blackboard…moving from a brief­case to a lap­top”
Date:  August 14, 2018 (Sec­ond Tues­day in August)
Time:  2:00PM-3:00PM EST

Black­board has numer­ous tools that can be used to enhance teach­ing and learn­ing.  Dur­ing the Black­board webi­nar, tech­nol­ogy tools and best prac­tices will be shared to pro­mote col­lab­o­ra­tive and engaged learn­ing.

Reg­is­ter Today For Two Engag­ing Webi­nars

Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices’ Sum­mer Webi­nar Series 2017

summer series final

Do you want to con­tinue your pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment over the sum­mer?

Join Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices for our “sum­mer webi­nar series” on the sec­ond Thurs­day in June, July, and August!  What is a webi­nar?  A webi­nar is “a live online edu­ca­tional pre­sen­ta­tion dur­ing which par­tic­i­pat­ing view­ers can sub­mit ques­tions and com­ments” (Mer­riam-Web­ster Dic­tio­nary).  The vir­tual sum­mer offer­ing is per­fect for all Camp­bell fac­ulty and staff regard­less of loca­tion or device (desk­top, lap­top, or mobile device).  Each sum­mer webi­nar series topic (Atomic Learn­ing, Assess­ments, and Starfish) is inte­grated into Black­board which is Campbell’s learn­ing man­age­ment sys­tem.  Reg­is­ter today and con­tinue to learn about the inno­v­a­tive tech­nol­ogy tools avail­able online!

Topic:  Atomic Learn­ing-Video Tutorial/Training Sys­tem
Date:  June 8, 2017 (Sec­ond Thurs­day in June)
Time:  2:00PM-3:00PM EST
Atomic Learn­ing is a mashup video tool in Black­board.  The Atomic Learn­ing tool can be used to flip the class­room and/or pro­vide train­ing. Atomic Learn­ing cre­ates “flex­i­ble learn­ing opportu­ni­ties for fac­ulty, staff, and stu­dents alike with unlim­ited 24/7 access for your entire cam­pus com­mu­nity-any­time, any­where”

Topic:  Black­board Assess­ments
Date:  July 13, 2017 (Sec­ond Thurs­day in July)
Time:  2:00PM-3:00PM EST
There are many types of Black­board assess­ments such as:  tests, sur­veys, and pools.  Within Black­board, there is a process for effec­tively deploy­ing assess­ments.  “After you build a test or sur­vey, you cre­ate ques­tions or add exist­ing ques­tions from other tests, sur­veys, and pools.  Then, you choose the options and deploy the test or sur­vey in a con­tent area or folder”

Topic:  Starfish- Stu­dent Reten­tion Sys­tem

Date:  August 10, 2017 (Sec­ond Thurs­day in August)
Time:  2:00PM-3:00PM EST
Starfish is a stu­dent reten­tion and learner sup­port sys­tem within Black­board.  In Starfish you can con­nect with stu­dents and set them up for a suc­cess­ful semes­ter! Starfish has many func­tion­al­i­ties where fac­ulty and staff can “take action through early alert, office hours, and appoint­ment sched­ul­ing”

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Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Ser­vices will be host­ing this event:

Webi­nar Facil­i­ta­tor:  Mr. Allan Win­ter, Aca­d­e­mic Com­put­ing Coor­di­na­tor
Webi­nar Pre­sen­ter: 
Mrs. Char­lotte Rus­sell Cox, Instruc­tional Tech­nol­ogy Spe­cial­ist
Webi­nar Tech­ni­cal Help: 
Mr. Adam McIn­tyre, Black­board Admin­is­tra­tor

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