success-1237378_1920Starfish Student Retention

Starfish is a stu­dent reten­tion and suc­cess sys­tem that is inte­grated within our learn­ing man­age­ment sys­tem, Black­board.  Starfish is located under “tools” within Black­board and also located as a top menu tab.  Starfish offers seam­less set up for office hours and appoint­ments to help stu­dents sched­ule and com­mu­ni­cate with fac­ulty and staff (home and appoint­ment tabs-see images below).  Suc­cess can be mea­sured with Starfish and stu­dent sup­port can be deliv­ered through track­ing grades and cre­at­ing flags, kudos, suc­cess plans, and mes­sages to dif­fer­en­ti­ate help and guid­ance for all Camp­bell stu­dents (stu­dents tab-see image below).  Ser­vices such as tutor­ing links are also avail­able in Starfish (ser­vices tab-see image below) .

To access Starfish:   Nav­i­gate to the Camp­bell Black­board page and log in.  Click on the Starfish tab in the top Black­board menu or the side menu under “tools”.

Starfish Tab


Starfish Home Tab

newhome tab2

new office hours

Starfish Appoint­ment Tab

new Starfish_appointments


Starfish Stu­dents Tab


Starfish Ser­vices Tab


Addi­tional Resources and Starfish Help Guides

Starfish Stu­dent Quick Start 

Starfish Con­nect Early Alert Faculty/Staff Guide

Starfish Con­nect Faculty/Staff Help Guide