Don’t Just Teach, Energize!

Paul Halmos once said, “The best way to learn is to do; the worst way to teach is to talk.” ClassFlow allows the students to be actively engaged in their learning. Reinforcing new knowledge with an interactive tool, will only encourage students to solidify the content in their memory. Whether an undergrad student taking a general education course or a professor enrolled in a professional development session, this engaging activity is helpful to all levels of learners.

Classflow is a web-based application where participants can join the virtual classroom and be engaged with each other on their own devices. With the Generation Z well engrossed with technology, it is a way for instructors to integrate course content with personal devices, but also encourage collaboration among students. The instructors simply set up a classroom and post the class code in a public location, either virtual or physical. Below are a few tools within ClassFlow instructors can utilize:

Instant Whiteboard– The instant whiteboard can be implemented into a classroom for collaborative brainstorming. As the instructor, you can also use it to present a lesson or allow students to annotate on the board for group work purposes. You are able to click to add a new card, and avoid losing content created. Once students are in the room, you are able to share content as well as enable a poll.

Start a Quick Poll– The polls can be a simple formative assessment to gauge student learning during a lesson. Submitted responses are posted anonymously and allow the instructor to determine the route of the lesson from that point.

Create a Lesson– Under the resources section, you can download a lesson or create one on your own. It is very similar to PowerPoint presentations in that it allows you to display content to students within the virtual setting. These interactive lessons keep student engaged with each other as well as the content.

Create an Activity– Activities are a great way to allow students to interact with the content for practice and self-assessment. There is a wide range of activities to select from- categorizing, crosswords, flash cards, labeled diagram, matching, and a memory game. Within the activities, you can customize the design and color formatting. Once you have added content into ClassFlow, you are able to change between activities and avoid inputting the content over again.

Create a Quiz or Assessment– Similar to activities, you can create assessment of various types. The types of questions include multiple choice, short answer, true/false, essay, fill in the blank or a creative response. You can import content from resources or add questions of your own.

No matter the content, having an engaging lesson and activity to support the content for students, is directly affected to the retention of course material, if used properly. It is important to give clear directions for the tool and how it should be used. If students are not confident in knowing the tool, it is likely that they will not use it. ClassFlow is a very useful tool that I plan to use in future training courses.